Ever wondered what it would be like to be a worm for a day? Well, use your literary talents to tell us or show us what you think it would be like to wiggle your way through a day in the life as a worm!
Contest runs May 1st to May 29th. Enter by tagging us on Twitter: @AITCNL or email entry to



Vermi-composting is the use of worms to help break down organic waste into compost. Worms eat up the waste with the help of bacteria and fungi, and then poop it out into rich vermi-compost.
AITC-NL uses Red Wiggler Worms because they are amazing composters and need minimal care.
They are named for their red colour and wiggling motions when touched!


WHY Vermi-composting?

Reduce your food waste! Composting keeps waste out of the landfill.
It’s good for your garden. Add valuable nutrients back to your garden with your vermi-compost.
There is so much to observe and learn. Worms are amazing creatures to observe, care for and learn from!



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