The Little Green Thumbs (LGT) program aims to help young people value the health of themselves, the environment and their community through active participation in a classroom garden. The grow kits, soil and seeds form an indoor garden that complement learning concepts such as where food comes from, how to grow healthy plants, sustainable food systems, community interdependence and nutrition in fun, interesting and relevant ways.

We truly believe that the Little Green Thumbs program is a vehicle that educators can use to help students learn cross curricular concepts in science, social studies, health, language arts, and math. It is also our hope that, through the gardening process, students will develop lifelong values of stewardship, and an awareness of how humans may positively interact with their surroundings.

For the school year of 2016-2017, our Little Green Thumbs program has grown to 128 classrooms. We currently have a wait list of schools for September 2017-2018 and can be contacted for sponsorship.

Current Little Green Thumbs have been holding Harvest Celebrations to celebrate their gardens this school year: Press Release

Click here to download the lyrics to our Little Green Thumbs song.



Little Green Thumbs schools 2016-2017:

Beachy Cove Elementary
Roncalli Elementary
Vanier Elementary
MacDonald Drive Elementary
St. Andrews Elementary
St Matthews School
Cowan Heights Elementary
Hazelwood Elementary
St. Mary's Elementary
Rennie's River Elementary
St. Francis School
Persalvic Elementary
Woodland Elementary
All Hallows Elementary
Acreman Academy
Perlwin Elementary
Holy Cross Elementary
Smallwood Academy
Fogo Island Central Academy
Lakewood Academy
Elwood Elementary 
Immaculate Heart of Mary School
JJ Curling Elementary School
Templeton Academy
Pasadena Elementary
Stephenville Primary
St. Peter's Academy
E. A. Butler All Grade School
St. John Bosco School
Morris Academy
St. Teresa's Elementary
Holy Trinity School
St. Edwards School
Carbonear Academy
Coleys Point Primary
Whitbourne Elementary
William Mercer Academy
St. Anne's Academy
Lewisporte Academy
Point Leamington Academy
Helen Tulk Elementary
Forest Park Primary
Truman Eddison Memorial School
Mary Simms All Grade School
Our Lady of the Cape School
St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary
Douglas Academy
Queen of Peace Middle School
Peacock Primary
Eric G. Lambert School
JR Smallwood Middle School
William Gillet Academy
Jens Haven Memorial Primary
AP Low Primary School

Sheshatshiu Innu School

Valmont Academy
Gander Academy
Memorial Academy
Larkhall Academy
Octagon Pond Elementary

Paradise Elementary

Riverside Elementary
Goulds Elementary
White Hills Academy
Holy Cross All Grade
Greenwood Academy