Canada's Agriculture Day

February 16th, 2017 was Canada's Agriculture Day! How did you celebrate?


AITC-NL hosted 2 events at St. Teresa's School in St. John's and Pasadena Elementary in Pasadena. Agriculture representatives brought agriculture to life with a mini trade show for the students. AITC-NL provided a culinary experience for lunch featuring local products! There was also children's entertainment for some added fun!

*The event at St. Teresa's in St. John's was postponed due to school closures until Thursday, February 23. 

AITC-NL  had a Twitter Contest from February 9th-24th! 

There will be 2 prizes. 1 prize will go to a Primary/Elementary class and 1 to a Junior High/High School class. Winners will be picked on February 24th!

The Winners of these prizes are Taylor Ryan's class at Waterford Valley High School and Mme. Regular's class at St. Matthew's School! Congrats!